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Lint Craft: The New Type of Knitting

March 19, 2008

I kept putting my clothes in the dryer and when the load was finished, they were still damp. Hmm… I wonder why. The next morning Mark called me from downstairs… “Mary, you forgot to empty the lint trap again!!!!!” Oh yeah that makes sense. This is what he showed me:


You might think this is an ugly sight, but it’s not. This is a beautiful sight! Lint is a great material to recycle with. In fact there are tons of CRAFTS that one can make with lint. It might even become hotter than knitting!! Here, for instance, is a great lint craft, just in time for Easter:

It’s found at this site: dryer lint, recycled crafts. Here are some other links as well: Dryer lint modeling material, Artist Bryn Starr dryer lint art.


Easter Crafts

March 17, 2008

Easter is upon us so quickly this year! Each holiday, the girls and I love to make crafts. Last year we did a lot of Easter crafts. We made these “egg” heads by dying the Easter Eggs , cracking the top, then adding dirt and alphalpha seeds to grow funny hair. Then we added facial features as well. They were extremely cute and fun to make.


The best craft was the beloved sock bunnies. A craft and a doll all in one. They can be made from adult or kid socks. I made these with the students in my class and they were a huge hit! Kids love to sew – boys and girls.



This year, we are making foam art (butterflies and chicks), doing different types of egg dying and ornaments for our Easter Tree.

A tip for Easter Egg Dye: paint the food colour directly on the egg and it turns out brighter!

Here are some awesome Easter Craft sites:

Family Fun

Kaboose Crafts

The girls and I choose crafts out of Usborne Art books. Here they are:

Easter Things to Make and Do

Easter Activities

Apparently, they also have a cooking one that I’m curious about:

Easter Cooking

Enjoy shared experiences with your kids!

Valentines Day

February 11, 2008


This is one of my favorite times of the year, when we show expressions of love (and do lots of crafts and baking YAY!!!!!!)


This year we made Valentine stensils using heart shaped doilies. I have to say, that I was disappointed by the selection of Valentines crafts on the internet, although these sites were pretty good: and familyfun I noticed the doilies at Michaels and thought they would make a unique template. I bought them (using my 40% off coupon of course!) To make them, girls placed the doilie on the card and covered it with paint. Then we added glitter. We experimented to see how to make the clearest print. Megan is taking hers to her preschool and we’ll give the rest to family and neighbourhood friends.


We are making a tradition of doing a “Valentines Delivery” every year, sort of like trick or treating, but this time it’s giving away treats! This year we made and decorated mini cupcakes with white icing.