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Easter Traditions

March 12, 2008

img_4043.jpgI love holidays and celebrations. When I was young, my mom put a special effort into making holidays fun and festive. Kids get so excited about traditions, decorations, crafts and activities.

For the last two years, we have made an Easter tree, simply from cut tree branches. I put them inside a flower vase and filled the vase up with mini Easter Egg chocolates. We decorated the branches with egg ornaments from the dollar store. There are lots of ornament crafts to make as well. Renee, my neighbour made ornaments out of real eggs, blown out. This year, I hope to make some ornaments out of styrofoam eggs from the dollar store. Each day after lunch, Miranda and Megan choose a couple of chocolate eggs from the vase to eat. They love this! I happened upon an amazing Easter tree on this blog, called Cherry Hill Cottage, (Texas) a must-see!! The tree seems symbolic of the cross, which some refer to as a “tree”. The eggs hanging on the tree remind me of the resurrection, new life.


This is my favourite little egg (the blue one) because Miranda excitedly made it!

My friend, Corina Kropp inspires me with her talent for creating a rich, warm home and with her welcoming hospitality. Each Easter, she makes an amazing Easter bread called Paska Bread. Here is her recipe:


Mixture A

1 cup warm
1tsp sugar
2 cups warm

Sprinkle 2 Tbsp yeast
(regular, NOT quick rising) on top and let stand for 10 min.


6 eggs
1/2 cup veg.
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 lemon
1 orange
1 tsp vanilla

Put all “B” ingredients in
blender–use the whole lemon and orange. Blend till smooth Add Mixture A to
Mixture B and add 12 cups of flour. Knead 5 to 10 min. Let rise till double in
bulk. To rise: Turn oven on to 350 for 5 min. Shut off and turn on light
in oven. This is warm enough for the dough to rise. Punch down twice. Put
in tins sprayed with Pam and let rise again until double. Bake at 300-350 for 30
min. Freeze whatever won’t be eaten on baking day.


(This is enough for the
whole batch of Paska)
1 bag icing
3/4 cup
1 Tbsp vanilla
Canned milk as



Easter is Arriving

March 9, 2008


It was so great being outside this weekend. Even though the weather was cloudy today, the mild temperature was wonderful. It is a reminder that spring is on its way. While driving to Ikea one weekday, I noticed that a house on Laurentian St. in Coquitlam is also celebrating the arrival of Easter. We went to check it out again today. Here are some photos:




Princess Tea Party

March 6, 2008



I love kids’ birthday parties. The planning, imagination and excitement of the children. Last weekend my neighbour, Renee (see post on March 4th) threw a princess tea party for her daughter, Emily. It all started with a royal invitation. It says “Requesting all Princesses and their Knights… You are cordially invited to Miss Emily Mae’s Grand Tea Party, (party details), then Princess dresses and knight uniforms (or something similar) will help make this a festive occasion”:


Miranda and Megan were thrilled to dress up for the party.

Renee started with a princess crown craft, using foam crowns, glitter glue and foamie stickers from Michaels. Next there was a make-up table where the guests received cosmetic treatments and silver tatoos. The tatoos were a huge hit! The kids played a game of musical chairs, using paper mats.



The highlight of the affair was the teaparty itself. Real raspberry tea was served in china cups and finger sandwiches were arranged on eligent two-tiered platters, belonging to the queen mother herself (Glen’s mom).



Glen (Emily’s dad) created and decorated the princess crown cake (a hidden talent!)


To end the party, princess party bags. Renee blew bubbles as the girls spun around and made a wish. It was indeed a grand tea. Happy Birthday, Emily!!


February 25, 2008

Every year I look forward to watching the Oscars. This year I wasn’t familiar with the films that won the most awards, but that gives me incentive to see those movies now. I am most intrigued by the movie Juno, starring Ellen Page, which won for Best Original Screenplay. The script was the first screenplay written by Diablo Cody. The Academy Awards aren’t just about the glamour, jokes, faces and dresses (although those are exciting too). I am inspired by the talent, creativity, dreams and expression recognized. One of my favourite Oscar stories is about Jennifer Hudson, who starred in Dreamgirls (in my movie collection for sure). I love the fact that she went on to win an Oscar after being cut from American Idol. The minds of Hollywood are brilliant and you have to admit, life wouldn’t be the same without the movies.

Valentines Day

February 11, 2008


This is one of my favorite times of the year, when we show expressions of love (and do lots of crafts and baking YAY!!!!!!)


This year we made Valentine stensils using heart shaped doilies. I have to say, that I was disappointed by the selection of Valentines crafts on the internet, although these sites were pretty good: and familyfun I noticed the doilies at Michaels and thought they would make a unique template. I bought them (using my 40% off coupon of course!) To make them, girls placed the doilie on the card and covered it with paint. Then we added glitter. We experimented to see how to make the clearest print. Megan is taking hers to her preschool and we’ll give the rest to family and neighbourhood friends.


We are making a tradition of doing a “Valentines Delivery” every year, sort of like trick or treating, but this time it’s giving away treats! This year we made and decorated mini cupcakes with white icing.