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Princess Tea Party

March 6, 2008



I love kids’ birthday parties. The planning, imagination and excitement of the children. Last weekend my neighbour, Renee (see post on March 4th) threw a princess tea party for her daughter, Emily. It all started with a royal invitation. It says “Requesting all Princesses and their Knights… You are cordially invited to Miss Emily Mae’s Grand Tea Party, (party details), then Princess dresses and knight uniforms (or something similar) will help make this a festive occasion”:


Miranda and Megan were thrilled to dress up for the party.

Renee started with a princess crown craft, using foam crowns, glitter glue and foamie stickers from Michaels. Next there was a make-up table where the guests received cosmetic treatments and silver tatoos. The tatoos were a huge hit! The kids played a game of musical chairs, using paper mats.



The highlight of the affair was the teaparty itself. Real raspberry tea was served in china cups and finger sandwiches were arranged on eligent two-tiered platters, belonging to the queen mother herself (Glen’s mom).



Glen (Emily’s dad) created and decorated the princess crown cake (a hidden talent!)


To end the party, princess party bags. Renee blew bubbles as the girls spun around and made a wish. It was indeed a grand tea. Happy Birthday, Emily!!