Ever since last winter I have wanted to go on a showshoing adventure with our family. Each weekend, either the weather hasn’t been that great, or something is happening. Well, this weekend was supposed to be great weather, and no plans, so we packed up, grabbed a McDonalds breakfast and off we went to Cypress. The weather was fantastic and very warm! In fact it was so mild that we could feel a warm breeze in the air even at the top of the mountain. Everyone got snowshoes and the tiniest were for Megan. We set off into the woods.

We hiked through the shady and sunny parts of the woods, getting a feel for the snowshoes and checking the bird signs as we went.

We all cheered, reaching the clearing near Hollyburn Lodge. The snow was beaming from the sun. You can’t go snowshoeing without stopping at the lodge for lunch!

We ate outside in the snow. We had lots to entertain us: people, kids, lovers and a couple of interesting birds, including a Steller’s Jay and a “Grey Jay” (that’s what someone called it). The Grey Jay had quite the personality and he got quite to us. In fact, he even ate a piece of bread off of Mark’s hand. I wish I’d caught a photo of that! The girls laughed, rolled in the snow and pulled each other and Myles in the sled. Myles was most curious about the snow, but he did not enjoy touching it. He prefered to point at it and describe it with a “dugga! dugga!”

We did one more loop after lunch on a path opening to snowbanks between the trees and passing crosscountry skiiers. By the end of the loop Mark was carrying Myles in the backpack and pulling both girls in the sled. There had been some crying and Miranda’s feet felt cold and wet from her boots. It was one of those days where nothing could spoil my enthusiasm. My spirits were soaring as I took in the scenery, sun and company of my hub and kids.

As we left the parking lot, we took some secretive photos of people sunning themselves on the mountain. Miranda was protesting as we took them “Mommy, what if they see you!!!”, but just look at them in shorts on top of Cypress. Imagine.


One Response to “Snowshoeing”

  1. Martina Says:

    Nice pictures Mary! Sounds like a good time. I haven’t hit the local mountains yet this year . . . and now I don’t even want to think about snow. Next year.

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