On the topic of quilts, which followed the beloved topic of lint in my last post, I was excited to receive a personal email from Jeanne Williamson, who wrote The Uncommon Quilter. I also came upon a blog called allsorts with a most lovely quilt story. I haven’t quilted myself, (apart from a baby doll blanket that my mom helped me with, which I still have, in fact), but from a young age, I remember the women in my church gathering together to do “quilting”. I remember being in their presence as they sewed the pieces and lengths of fabric, as their hands worked with the thread and their quilts grew to completion. There is such depth to a quilt as each patch, stitch and piece of fabric has a story to tell. There could be a lot of metaphors drawn here, but I will relate it back to lint, because lint has a special depth of its own, especially when it is infrequently removed from the lint trap.


One Response to “Quilting”

  1. angela Says:

    I quilted Jasmine and Dylan’s bed spreads and it was great fun…now I must admit it was the “easy” way and with a lot of help from my sisters and mom, but still very time consuming and very rewarding when you see the finished product=0) Hey by the way Mary, wanna do a playdate soon? What works for you?

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