Morning Shock

Please note: this is based on a true story. None of the facts or photos have been altered to attract attention to this blog!

After this morning I had to change one category from “humour” to “the funny and the outrageous”, because the first word does not do justice to the stories we moms can tell.

I was having a pleasant, relaxed morning. It was a beautiful, sunny day, house was clean (This is big for me -I will post in the future about my cleaning issues), the kids were cooperative and everything was running smoothly. I left Myles strapped in his highchair (or so I had thought) and I went upstairs to brush my teeth. I heard soft “goo, goo and ga, gas” from below, so I went on to style the girls’ hair. After meandering with my make-up, I wandered back downstairs to get Myles and to my shock I saw: (only the picture can do it justice!)


Thank the Lord Myles seems to have developed depth perception and did not attempt to leave the tray.

Note to self: Myles is much more active than the girls ever were. Check those belts!!!!

For another outrageous mom story, visit Martina’s blog, Fresh MD. It was her blog that first inspired me to start blogging myself!

Share your stories in the comments below!!!!


2 Responses to “Morning Shock”

  1. Martina Says:

    I know the feeling – your heart stops for a second. The other day I let Ariana eat her snack on a booster seat at the kitchen table instead of in her highchair. I left the kids alone for a few minutes and returned to find Ariana running laps on the kitchen table. I screamed, but softly so as not to startle her and cause her to plunge headfirst onto the slate floor.

  2. angela Says:

    Oh WOW! Ya that would take a few years off your life…and you still had the peace of mind to get your camera and capture it…you go girl!!!

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