Some more thoughts about love (even though it’s March now). I greatly enjoy listening to Christian radio, Praise 106.5. In the morning they have a variety of pastors speak on various topics. I find that the messages bring life and peace to my day. On Tuesday, after dropping Megan off at preschool, I was listening to Dr. David Jeremiah, who isn’t usually my favourite, but his message really spoke to my heart. He told a story:

“Scottish broadcaster and writer Allister Moffat described the difference between his mother and his father on one occasion and he said it this way: She loved first and asked questions later. He asked questions and if he got the right answers he might love. Allister’s mother knew Agape love.”

“Agape, the Greek word for love which describes the highest form of love known to man or to the universe. Agape was unknown before God revealed himself in Christ. It is a love which is unconditional. It is a volitional love. It is not a feeling love or an emotional love. It is a love that is unrestricted and untamed. This is the selfless love that God has for us and he instructs us to have for others.” I know I have loved like the father in the story many times, but thank goodness God has so much Agape love to give us, that we can ask Him to help us give this love to our children. To hear the entire broadcast go to Turning Point.


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