The “m’s”


The people who inspire me the most are first of all, my husband, Mark, and my three children, Miranda (5), Megan (3) and Myles (1). Mark and I met at SFU in a second year English course. After introducing ourselves in class, this tall, talkative fellow approached me to inform me that we had both worked at the PNE (local summer fair). I was at the time thinking “so what?!” As the semester went on, I found Mark to be quite animated and amusing. A small group of us started to meet for lunch after class to chat. That class ended and I continued to run into Mark in the halls of SFU, sometimes in the computer lab helping other girls too!!! We ended up in a Shakespeare class together and subtle hints of his affections for me were increasing. Unfortunately, I was seeing someone else at the time. Mark invited me to a housewarming party at his new bachelor suite in early October 1993 and that night he drove me home. Single again, I invited Mark “as a friend” to the Depeche Mode concert in Vancouver. He saw this as an opportunity to kiss me good night at the end of our date and the rest is history. Mark is a man of integrity. He has a heart for God, loves writing, teaching and putting plans into action. He is a fun, caring father and he’s my best friend.


One Response to “The “m’s””

  1. Martina Says:

    Loved the story!

    Myles sure looks like Megan, eh?

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