I was in the dentist’s office yesterday (a relaxing break for me these days) reading a “Shape” magazine. There was an article about first impressions. It talked about how important first impressions are; to appear confident, warm and to wear a smile. “Mary, they’re ready for you!” This is my opportunity, I thought! As I ascended the stairs from the waiting room to the dentist’s nook, I held my head high, warmth and confidence flowed freely through my demeanor. I smiled brightly at the other patient coming down the stairs. “This is great! I thought, “I’ve never felt so confident in my life!” Then in one painful moment, my foot caught on the edge of the stair and I lurched forward. My knee cap was crushed on the step above. “Ouch!” (I only said this in my head) “Are you alright?” Embarrassed, I hobbled into the dentist’s chair. I’ll try lesson number two in confidence tomorrow.

“For the LORD will be your confidence and will keep your foot from being snared.”

Proverbs 3:26


3 Responses to “Confidence”

  1. Corina Says:


    I love your blog. Thanks for sharing your confidence with me. It made me giggle on this sleepy Friday night. I will look forward to reading more of your mom sagas, and hope to share some of my own.


  2. Matt Collinge - the 604homesguy Says:

    you rock Mary!

  3. Martina Says:

    Looking forward to reading more, Mary!

    Btw, you already make a good first impression.

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